The Hanging Bodhisattva

What is the prophet Jesus up to?

Walking into a place where Everybody Who Is Anybody is against him: political and religious authorities, the propertied, that most pious and righteous sect that later morphed into Judaism as we know it. Hasn’t he guessed this?

Is it because he’s supposed to die so that everyone who thinks he did this for that reason can have a nice Afterlife?

It’s a very long story. More complicated than that.

I’m posting the question because this study has arrived at that place, in the Gospel of Luke. He’s on his way, and he knows what sort of reception to expect, but the people who’ve believed his ‘gospel’ — that the Reign of God is within their reach — for some reason aren’t seeing this.

Come on, already; this started as a group blog — and scripture study works best with multiple views & inspirations — so would you please visit and comment!


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