Pausing the Prophets

If anyone wishes to continue onward with this site’s examination of the prophets… my thought is that he/she will need to do it himself.

Ultimately it is God Whom I need to make an activity worthwhile– or not. Whether or not some activity lights up all my little dopamine receptors, thrills me through & through– That plays its part as a proximate physical cause. But the ultimate determination: Is this what I’m truly led to?– simply is not under my own direct control. I don’t get to decide what will interest me, and that’s a good thing. Even if it sometimes leaves me sitting in a spiritual desert wondering which way that Water could possibly be…

I think that the underlying question, in studying the prophets, is: “Can these people and their writings give me a clue as to God’s intentions for this time?”

And what about the prophets’ underlying premise?: that the events of world history are literally acts of God, directed towards realizing God’s purposes for Israel– and through Israel, for the human race?

What about the idea that they exemplify God’s justice at work?

Any or all of these might be usefully taken up… but I’m more and more seeing them as leading to Jesus. Not through ‘type/antitype’ relations, rather through the fact that the series of Jewish prophets seems to have culminated with Jesus, who was ideally situated to apply their tradition and the 1st Century historical situation to addressing the gentile world, ie us.

For now I’ve lost my enthusiasm for following the series, but hope to go on with that prophet from Nazareth.

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