Luke 12.10

“Anyone who speaks a word against this son of Adam will be forgiven; but for he who slanders the Holy Spirit there will be no forgiveness.”

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  1. Okay, there have been quite a few people terrified by this saying, at one time and another.But if you take the courtroom format away (and I think it reads clearer without that) this comes out very much like the saying: "If the light in you were darkness, how very dark it would be!" That is, if you aren't trusting the intuitive voice of God in you– so long as you aren't able to trust that– To that extent, you're setting yourself apart from God's most potent means of salvation.

  2. Aye. There’s a temptation to make lists and laws. And trust them instead of the inner voice. Melville develops a riff on this in "The Confidence Man." The saying, “Throw the detector away!” Or to that effect. I take that as his criticism of external standards at the expense of the intuitive voice. Forgiveness isn’t available because authentic forgiveness springs up inwardly. Methinks.

  3. I'm not familiar with the book, please excuse! But Melville being a very creative guy, it isn't surprizing."Authentic forgiveness springs up inwardly." Yeah. Once I said, "No forgiveness for the self-condemned." Meaning that it's near-impossible to get a self-condemned person to lighten his sentence, by pleading from outside.But the same Inside works in everybody, and eventually does the job!Christ in prison inside everyone, as Fox said. Working to talk the jailer into letting himself out.

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