Luke 10.22

Then turning to his disciples he said, “Everything is entrusted to me by my Father; and no one knows who the Son is but the Father, or who the Father is but the Son. (And those to whom the Son may reveal him.)”


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  1. This really screams "Later theological interpolater!" None of the pithy self-evidence of the Jesus who knocks my socks off!But does it, none the less, carry some worthwhile insight?…Is the first part saying that God has bugged out on the world and has appointed Jesus a sort of successor (as this seems to literally say)? Or is there something I should be getting out of it?The rest… I come out with: 'We only know about God and what God does within people– by God within us'. ["His son" == 'the incarnation, embodiment of God in all "God's children."'

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