Then Turning to His Diciples He Began to Speak (Luke 6.20-26)

“How blest are you poor; the kingdom of God is yours.

“How blest are you who now go hungry; your hunger shall be satisfied.

“How blest are you who weep now; you shall laugh.

“How blest are you when men hate you, when they outlaw you and insult you, and ban your very name as infamous, because of the son of man. On that day be glad and dance for joy; for assuredly you have a rich reward in Heaven; in just the same way their fathers treated the prophets.

“But alas for you who are rich; you have had your time of happiness.

“Alas for you who are well-fed now; you shall go hungry.

“Alas for you who laugh now; you shall mourn and weep.

“Alas for you when all speak well of you; just so did their fathers treat the false prophets.


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