in the grip of an evil spirit

The significance of this figure to me is as a type of me (and perhaps you) or of the nation to which I (we) belong.

Theologically we serve God– or the devil (there’s certainly a grey area, on the fence, indeterminte, some good, some bad). But what I (we) do less than God is readily seen as an evil spirit.

I am many- Legion. Or more properly Legion is within me. It causes me to cut myself on the stones: the law, preconceived notions of what is good for us (but not for them). Separating ourselves from the rest of the world like all those with evil spirits do.

Thankfully we, too may be blessed with the healing seen in this story. I have been so blessed, am being blessed, and will be blessed. Hurrah!


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  1. I think maybe I posted the next passage a bit too soon. Sorry Larry.Your comments reminds me of what Joh Dominic Crossan wrote about Jesus’ exorcisms. The “possessions” were individual’s internalization of their outward conditions. Politically they were “possessed” by an invading army so they reacted by becoming demonically possessed as individuals.If he’s right — then a part of Jesus message is that we can be free even in the midst of oppression. And that in the end may be a bigger threat to the demonic legions than responding like the zealots to overthrow the tyrants only to effect a changing of the guard/changing of the figurehead at teh top of the pyramid.

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