kwakersaur defunct

It has been a delightful run but it has come time for old grey beast to be put out to pasture. I remain here, as always, your friendly skripture study blog servant. But the kwakersaur is gone.

Edit your links accordingly.


6 responses

  1. David, did you do away with your personal blog?

  2. It was one of my favorites. David, your comments on Penington’s writings were just wonderful.Yes, you have every right to take it off the Web if you please, but I do grieve.

  3. Well, I’m glad the Penington stuff was of value for folks — it felt like I was lecturing an empty room at the time. And I’m a kinda addict to this stuff — so I’ll likely be back. Just in a different form.

  4. I know the “empty room” feeling. I’ve had very few comments on my own blog during August and September; post after post I’ve made has draw no comment at all. It becomes hard to continue without feedback — always wondering if I’m doing any service for anyone else at all.That, frankly, is a large part of why I am so faithful in posting my own comments at the blog sites I value, your own included. And why I don’t just praise, but criticize and raise issues — so that the people whose posts I value can know I’m not only appreciating, but trying to do something with the good things they share, trying to take it in my own groping way to the next level up.I was new to the blogging world when you did your Penington commentary, and in my ignorance, just read it without offering such all-important feedback. My error.But I will say this. Just so’s you know. If you and I were the only members of a Quaker meeting, just the two of us in some big old nineteenth century building where everyone else had died off or moved away, and you simply stood and spoke each Sunday morning as you did in your Penington commentaries, I’d have had no motive at all to look for some younger and larger meeting elsewhere. The pleasure of listening afresh to Penington in your company — no, you weren’t saying anything new to me, but you were helping me savor it anew, like a good organist playing the Bach works I already know by heart — the pleasure was that considerable.Don’t underestimate the value of what you feel led to preach. Whatever it may be.Do you know the story of Stephen Grellet preaching to the deserted lumber camp?

  5. Thank you for your kind words Marshall. I value them.Other issues are also at play in the laying down of the kwakersaur. I am no longer a participant in a Friend’s meeting. My conscience quibbled with presenting myself as a Friend, especially as a Friend critical of aspects of quakerism as he found it — without also sharing the communion of waiting worship to undergird the critique.

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