According to my original action plan, we pause after the letter to Laodicea and ask if this is helpful for folks. Revelation was iffy for a few of us when we started.

Do we continue? Do we find another project?

Speak, for your blog servant listens.


3 responses

  1. You know me; I find much of this slightly off-flavor , but with so many bright people having found so many valid meanings in it, I couldn’t, even if I wanted, pretend it isn’t nourishing!Ellul: “We are here before the scroll, rolled up, sealed with seven seals, in the hand of God, written on the interior and exterior, and destined for [humans]…It is held out to [humanity]. Which means that it is intended for us. This then is not an act of God directed to himself, nor a secret that God wishes to keep; on the contrary, it is a revelation for the one who is Son of God, image of God.”Into the Valley of Scarey Stuff, then. Let us “cut the [formalities] and get on with it!”

  2. I’ll do whatever you guys want to do.

  3. So we continue.My one concern — no “concern” is too strong for it — folks have been quotinge extensively from learned authorities here. I actually like Jacques Ellul, and appreciate hearing his take. And the Crystal cited a Catholic scholar.I like some of this — it shows folks are seeking and researching. I hope that the degree it happens isn’t an indication that this text is too intimidating and people need to lean on other folk’s perceptions. because they’re not trusting they’re own personal responses to the etxt.And I’m not just pointing fingers when I raise this issue. When I did that structuralist/mythological stuff, I was doing much the same kind of thing — just citing methodologies rather than commentaries.Again — I think including thsi stuff is good — I don’t want it to dominate persoanl engagement with the text or the issues it raises.

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