procedural question

I’ve started in reading the archives, taking them from the bottom–and I find some interesting questions raised.

I’m offered a chance to comment, but the moment seems to have passed for carrying on the original conversation. I get the impression that new comments would simply gather dust.

So–In that situation I should simply add a new post reviving the subject? I suppose this is more natural than the practice at another site, where responding to a subject brought it forward again–but then their thread on eternal life was becoming an argument against eternal life by its own quite unreadable length.


2 responses

  1. I think you should use your own judgement. From time to time someone stumbles on us and comments on an ancient posting. It gets emailed to me and if I think it holds interest for the group I’ll post a note that its there with a link to it.What few rules that are here are flexible.

  2. What David said đŸ™‚

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