proposed action plan

Here’s my proposal. If it meets with folk’s approval as a tentative plan I’ll post the first section by the weekend. I’ll aim for two sections a week — tentatively Friday and Wednesday postings. If this turns out to be too fast or slow folks can advise me and we’ll adjust.

  1. PROLOGUE (Ch. 1:1-3) + GREETINGS (Ch. 1:4-8)(AUG 19)
  2. VISION OF CHRIST (Ch. 1:9-20)(AUG 23)
  3. SEVEN CHURCHES (Ch. 2-3)
  4. Ephesus (Ch. 2:1-7)(AUG 26)
    Smyrna (Ch. 2:8-11)(AUG 30)
    Pergamum (Ch. 2:12-17)(SEP 2)
    Thyatira (Ch. 2:18-29)(SEP 6)
    Sardis (Ch. 3:1-6)(SEP 9)
    Philadelphia (Ch. 3:7-13)(SEP 13)
    Laodicea (Ch. 3:14-22)(SEP 16)

    INTERLUDE: Do we Continue with the Book? Adjust the postings?

  5. SEVEN SEALS (Ch. 4-8:5)
  6. The Throne of God (Ch. 4)
    The Lamb opens the Seven Seals (Ch. 5)
    Seal #1 (Ch. 6:1-2)
    Seal #2 (Ch. 6:3-4)
    Seal #3 (Ch. 6:5-6)
    Seal #4 (Ch. 6:7-8)
    Seal #5 (Ch. 6:9-11)
    Seal #6 (Ch. 6:12-17)
    144,000 Sealed (Ch. 7)
    Seal #7 (Ch. 8:1-5)

    INTERLUDE: Do we Continue with the Book?

  7. SEVEN TRUMPETS (Ch. 8:6-11:19)
  8. Trumpet #1 (Ch. 8:6-7)
    Trumpet #2 (Ch. 8:8-9)
    Trumpet #3 (Ch. 8:10-11)
    Trumpet #4 (Ch. 8:12)
    Trumpet #5 (Ch. 9:1-12)
    Trumpet #6 (Ch. 9:13-21)
    Ministering Angel and the Little Book (Ch. 10)
    Two Witnesses (Ch. 11:1-14)
    Trumpet #7 (Ch. 11:15-19)

    INTERLUDE: Do we Continue with the Book?

  9. THE DRAGON & THE BEAST(S) (Ch. 12-14)
  10. The Dragon (Ch. 12:7-12)
    The Woman (Ch. 12:13-17)
    The Beast from the Sea (Ch. 13:1-10)
    The Beast from the Earth (Ch. 13:11-18)
    The 144,000 (Ch. 14:1-5)
    The Fall of Babylon and Second Coming (Ch. 14:6-14)

  11. SEVEN PLAGUES OF WRATH (Ch. 15-16)
  12. Seven angels with Plagues (Ch. 15)
    Plague #1 Earth (Ch. 16:1-2)
    Plague #2 Sea (Ch. 16:3)
    Plague #3 Rivers (Ch. 16:4-7)
    Plague #4 Sky (Ch. 16:8-9)
    Plague #5 Torment (Ch. 16:10-11)
    Plague #6 Second Coming and Armageddon (Ch. 16:12-16)
    Plague #7 End (Ch. 16:17-21)

    INTERLUDE: Do we Continue with the Book?

  13. VICTORY OVER BABYLON (Ch. 17-19)
  14. Babylonian Woman (Ch. 17)
    Fall of Babylon (Ch. 18)
    Second Coming and The Last Battle (Ch. 19)

  15. VICTORY OVER SATAN (Ch. 20-22:7)
  16. Millennium and Second Coming (Ch. 20)
    New Jerusalem (Ch. 21-22:7)


8 responses

  1. It should be a wild ride … all I know about Revelation comes from those Left Behind novels and apocalyptic movies 🙂

  2. My working theory about Revelation at this point — mostly from my interests rather than any real scholarly study — is that Revelation is really about how to be a Christian church.

  3. I fully approve your proposal, David. Go for it.

  4. There are a LOT of different potential takes on this book. To the Jungian (Edward Eddinger, originally brought up as a Jehovah’s Witness as it happens) it was a collective dream.Now this could be a sort of “collective indigestion dream,” but it doesn’t really have that kind of randomness; too many people have found it meaningful in various ways. It might refer to our timeless historical condition–or simply be applicable to any particular world situation prior to the concrete establishment of the Kingdom here. It is not, most everyone I find plausible agrees, some sort of predictive riddle, to be decoded. But there are always, so far, good candidates available for the Beast & AntiChrist roles.We do have it, on Jacques Ellul’s authority, that no human beings are permanently damaged in the performance of this apocalypse. I certainly prefer it that way.

  5. no human beings are permanently damaged in the performance of this apocalypse I like that!I have been trying to locate an English transaltion of Ellul’s study and not found the thing anyplace.

  6. I’m not anonomous; that’s just something that happened between my ineptitude and your comment page.Jacques Ellul, _ApocalypseL The Book of Revelation_, Seabury Press 1977– and I don’t have a copy, but my library keeps it in storage because there isn’t much demand for it. Maybe you were looking for a different title, & some internet dealer will have one?I think you ought to go ahead & put me on here, myself.

  7. Forrest Curo. I need two things. Your email — send me a message at; and input from the the other two current members (Crystal & Larry) regarding your membership application.I can access Ellul’s Apocalypse through interlibrary loan — typical down time is 5-6 months if past experience is evidence.

  8. I’m looking forward to this study. – – Rich

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