Howdy Folks!

A copy of this posting will be sent to everyone on the membership roles for this blog.

This blog has become a bit slow — partly due to my inattention and partly due to this being the summer season and partly due — I think — to the social-dynamics here. While all are welcome, not all participate. Now some may just lurk and enjoy reading other people’s postings without comment. That’s actually okay — though it would still be nice to hear from you all once in a awhile.

I also fear those of us with strong theological positions are repeating ourselves — I rather suspect much of what I say here — most of you could predict the overall sense of it before you read me.

I also worry those of us who approach matters analytically and from an issues perspective dominate. People with a more emotive approach to faith or a more contemplative approach to scripture reading may feel excluded.

If any of these concerns are even partially correct — I’m sorry now. What I really wanted was a safe place for folks to come together and have a conversation about how they read scripture.

My plan at this point is to remove everybody from membership. This is not punitive. Its about clarifying who wants to participate and how. As soon as you are removed from membership you will receive an invitation to join. Your choice. Accept the invite or decline.

Once you decide to rejoin I would appreciate a posting to the skripture study blog expressing what works for you best about this group — and how we can make it better for you.

I certainly hope at least some of you will rejoin. But if you don’t — thank you for your presence here in the past. Sometimes a group outlives its usefulness. Sometimes they need to be laid down.


4 responses

  1. An email I sent one you has bounced. Twyla. her own blog seems untended — and her last entry indicated she was taking a break for personal reasons. If any of you know how to contact her — please send my regards.

  2. David, your plan is a good one. It would seem advisable to do this once a year, except for those blogs that already have a lot of activity.Your fears arouse my concern which I want to address:”I also fear those of us with strong theological positions are repeating ourselves -“. No doubt, David. I don’t expect to be around anyone very long without repeating myself and/or hearing the same idea twice (or ten times). I consider that normal human intercourse– nothing to fear.”I also worry those of us [may] dominate.” People ‘dominate’ only because other people choose not to participate. Did you ever belong to a discussion group that was not ‘dominated’ to some extent?”What I really wanted was a safe place for folks to come together and have a conversation about how they read scripture”Well David, that’s exactly what you have achieved: those who care to converse, and others don’t. Were you ever in a group where that didn’t happen?I feel led (or required?) to call you to account on about everything you say. Don’t sweat it; we are all people together, doing what we do. God accepts us all as we are. Finally my country has been unfortunately dominated by fear in recent years very close to the mutual destruction of the world. Don’t fear! As the good Lord said, “Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.In brief, you provoked me. Thanks! I love to be provoked!

  3. Hi! Fear not, no one has offended me. I have not even been reading, I am ashamed to admit. Right now, I’m simply busy with the kids and homeschooling activism. I think I’m also a bit spiritually dry or in a transition. I have been feeling guilty for neglecting you all and this blog and realizing that I needed to write and be taken off the list. Its a painful transition for me, because I love you all so.Right now, its time for me to do other things. Please know how much I’ve appreciated this blog and how much I admire your opinions. I’m sorry I can’t contribute to the dialogue. I know how frustrating it is to talk and get no response.I know I can find you when I am ready. And I hope you remember that you can find me.All the best, Marjorie

  4. David and Friends,You reposting the invitations has given me time to consider this carefully. With starting my post grad work, I am finding a lot less time for blogging. In fact, blogging for me has nearly ground to a halt. I have appreciated this opportunity for discussion very much. At this time, I think I would just like to be a friendly visitor to this site, and check in with you all occasionally, and if it feels right, add a little comment of my own. Thank you so much again for all the effort here. I have learned a lot from all of you, and never tire of reading your reflections.Warmly,Meredith

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