Yes. Acts of the Apostles is grinding to something of a halt.

We are a group than likes to rastle with issues and Acts ain’t providing it and folks have fallen away and its summer time and most of us would rather be setting down in the back gardens smelling the flowers listening to birds and contemplating the Almighty in the present works of nature.

Two suggestions: one in the short term and one in the longer.

Short Term: we take up something else — something short(ish) and flexible and maybe non-canonical. A member who has remained quiet over the last few months has a deep appreciation for the poetry of Rumi for example. But there’s Gerard Manley Hopkins (a Jesuit — right Crystal) or Basho (haiku). I’m open to suggestions here — but I’m looking for something that will not be too long a commitment and will not require that you’ve been following for months in order to comment meaningfully.

Long Term: At the end of July — sooner if consensus warrants — I cancel everyone’s membership and then immediately invite them to rejoin. Thus giving folks who are no longer here the option of not coming back — or choosing to return on their own terms. I’m going to be gone August 4th through 13th — someplace far far far away from computer access.

These are just suggestions. If alternatives present — I will abandon them or modify them as needs be.


5 responses

  1. Hello Friends,I have been blanked by Acts. Not much of it has touched me in the slightest. Issues of the Church are not very rousing to me.I like the suggestion of taking up something else, shortish, flexible. One idea might be for individual members to offer up something meaningful to them in a post, perhaps weekly, and others would be invited to comment. This could be an ongoing opportunity, while a consistent thread of scriptural text was continuing simultaneously.I am beginning some post graduate work, and am finding my time for blogging dramatically hampered. But I am still very interested in this group discussion, and would like to participate as time allows.If you could get rid of yourself just once,The secret of secrets would open to you.The face of the unknown, hidden beyond the universeWould appear on the mirror of your perception.Yes, I am one who loves Rumi…Thank you David.

  2. I would be sorry to give up Acts; we’re also studying it at the Gainesville meeting, and Church History is a consuming passion for me.However I’m glad to go to another subject if people choose to do that. William Blake would be a good option.

  3. So let’s tag team it then. Each of us find a text or passage that has spiritually fed them and post it and folks can reply to it. Give us a break. And then we can decide what to do next.Larry has suggested Blake — I’m guessing he’s got somthing to say on that. After that we could go to Meredith, and then Crystal, and then me. I’m in the muddle of other stuff right now and wouldn’t mind a break. If anyone else lurking or otherwise is interested — email me and we can include you as well.

  4. Sorry I haven’t been posting as much. I think there’s something about Acts that leaves me numb, I’m not sure why. I like Meredith’s idea and I definitely want to stay in the group.

  5. Well Meredith goes first, by consensus. I’m looking forward to learning something about Rumi.

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