Question for Larry

I have run into references to someone named William Stringfellow a few times recently — and being suspicious about coincidences I thought I’d see what the issue is with this guy. Sounds like he was doing the Walter Wink thing twenty years before Walter Wink was doing it.

I think you mentioned him once or twice. What can you say about him? What woudl be a good starting place if I wanted to read something by/about him.

If you’d rather answer privately — my email is Again I’ll be out of town a few days. Take your time.


One response

  1. David, you’re absolutely right. William was the founder of the ideas that Walter developed a generation later. His masterpiece was Christians and Other Aliens in a Strange Land.In 1973 we went to D.C. to sit at the feet of Gordon Cosby at the C of S. That first sermon was about this book. A trained attorney, Stringfellow put heavy emphasis on the thesis that principalities are devoted to the idolatry of death. The word included churches, as Gordon openly confessed.It was the last thing I wanted to hear that morning, but it has been borne out in a thousand ways in my life. Anyway I believe that’s where Wink began his treatement of principalities.Two great men! They have taught us a lot, and much more remains– for them and for us.Thanks for inspiring me, David.Check out this gentleman and you’ll find small bios of quite a few of our old buddies including William Stringfellow.

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