We seem to be running out of gas on this one. Just a personal observation — if that sentiment doesn’t speak for you feel free to contradict me!

But we have fewer and fewer postings and by fewer of our members. And what to do?


1) Continue to carry on as we have been — the issue is temporary. Maybe. But the summer weather is here and I’m betting most of us would rather be sipping iced tea and admiring the lilacs than kickin’ about here.

2) Abandon Acts and try somethin’ else. Okay. But see the note above about iced tea and lilacs. Yet new might be nice.

3) Continue with Acts but instead of trying to cover everything — your erstwhile scripture poster tries to select some highlights to get us through faster.

4) Go on summer vacation and revisit next steps in September.

5) Some other idea I haven’t thought of but one of you folks have.

And sorry — the low energy may partly be me. I have been doing some rather study-ful stuff elsewhere (my blog, local church) and this has taken a back seat. If so. I apologize for this.


7 responses

  1. One other option, David, might be to continue posting Acts, and rather than personal posts on it, invite people to make comments on it. I feel much readier to do that than to post; I would hope such a procedure might provoke some discussion.Whatever, I’m with you.

  2. I agree with Larry. Comments are enjoyable and less effort. I also would say that for me, Acts has not been very inspiring. I wouldn’t mind picking up the pace by having just the highlights posted.

  3. Okay we seem to be moving on towards comments only — less effort — few expectations perhaps.The idea of moving towards highlights is still up in the air. Part of the issue is that Acts is about the Church. What it means to be The Church. And this is not where everyone where is right now.I also note taht i have put up an announcement of a blogging hiatus on my own kwakersaur blog — I would ensure Friends I’m still here for this study group as long as needed.

  4. Sorry I haven’t been posting as much lately. I think it’s the material. I thought I would really like Acts, but for some reason, it’s leaving me cold.I would be happy to keep posting (I’ll do better) or make comments, if that’s what others would rather do.I wish I knew what happens to people who join and then disappear … Twyla, Jeff, and that naughty Marjorie … where are you guys? 🙂

  5. Crystal, we have had some dull patches, but I promise you it will soon get a lot more exciting.

  6. Just empty the trash… =)

  7. Hello friendsI just haven’t had the time to post here….and it looks as though things won’t ease off for a long time. In the light of this I think it would be best if you took my name off the Blog. I can still post as I am able.It is a great Blog with great people but I am not pulling my weight here.

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