Son of Encouragement

This was the name given to Joseph (who became Barnabas). A few chapters onward we’ll read about the encouragement Barnabas gave Paul, leading to his missionary calling.

Barnabas is a type I seek to emulate. To encourage others in the exercise of their spiritual gifts is better than exercising them yourself. For one thing there’s less danger of inflation, which is so prevalent for those with outstanding gifts. Barnabas did not put himself forward; his ambition to do the Lord’s work was not wrapped up with his ego.

Re the communalism we’ll very shortly read of one of the disastrous consequences of that practice. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try it; it only points out one of the dangers.


One response

  1. It takes a certain kind of personality to encourage others without putting oneself forward instead. I look forward to reading more about Barnabas.

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