a prophet like unto Moses

Two things come to me from this passage.

Moses, for example, said, “From among your brothers the Lord God will raise up for you a prophet like me; you will listen to whatever he tells you. Anyone who refuses to listen to that prophet shall be cut off from the people.”

From the context I gather Moses did not have in mind one particular prophet but any prophet in Israel who spoke for God. Largely on the strength of Peter’s witness later Christians (including first Friends) would interpret Moses words as pointing squarely at Christ Jesus – not simply a prophet like Moses but the prophet like Moses.

So then, real Christian faith — entails listening to whatever Jesus tells you. And refusing to do so constitutes ground for being cut off from the people — excommunication – shunning – reading out of the meeting.

It was for you in the first place that God raised up his servant and sent him to bless you as every one of you turns from his wicked ways.

Blessing is contingent upon turning away from evil and doing good. This is not the gospel as I learned it from my InterVarsity friends back in university. For them conversion was about changing your beliefs. God calls us to turn from our wicked ways.

Listening. Obedience. Doing good.


3 responses

  1. Thanks, David. Your inter-varsity friends, as well as about 80% of the rest of the church, has taken the simplistic route of a literal understanding of scripture rather than the spiritual meaning.I’m glad to number you among the chosen few who have gone beyond that ‘kindergarden Christianity’.

  2. God will not put any child created in his image no matter what their sins into a hell fire. It never entered God’s heart or mind to ever do such a thing Jer 7:31, Jer 19:5. I would like to invite you to read http://minigoodtale.wordpress.com where the true word is delivered and proven.

  3. Val, there's another passage in Lamentations that will do just as well for what you're saying… but what does your comment have to do with this passage?You're welcome here, so far, but spam is not welcome. Not even holy spam.

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