Peter’s Sermon LC

Note how skillfully Peter connected the events of Jesus’ death and resurrection to the O.T. (and perhaps set the mode for all preachers since!). This is a good example of how closely related the N.T. and O.T. are– true from beginning to end. (It would be very worthwhile to go through the whole N.T. and gather all the O.T. sources together as David has done here for a small portion. It would make an abbreviated O.T., something badly needed IMHO.)

In the gospels, and again in Acts Peter serves as the archetype of a disciple. In what happened to him, his actions and words, I see myself over and over. In this reading I especially noted his tendency to categorize the Jews as murderers of Christ, a looseness of language that had dire consequencies in subsequent Christian history.

It has become more and more painful for me to hear the Jews, the Moslems, the blacks, and many other groups categorized and condemned, probably because I’ve done it myself too many times.


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  1. Two really important books (VERY technical) for how the NT used the OT scriptures:TYPOS by Leonhard Goppelt and BIBLICAL EXEGESIS IN THE APOSTOLIC PERIOD by Richard Longenecker. Typos is particularly good and partiocularly dry — almost a catalogue of typological interpretation. Both are those sorts of books that aren’t worth reading if you won’t read ’em twice and both are sorta old so maybe are only available in you locla seminary library — I don’t know.

  2. Hello. It is nice to see so many youngsters reading the scripture.

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