ACTS of the Apostles

Well a sense of the meeting seems to be crystallizing and that sense seems to be the book of Acts — known affectionately as Luke II: The Sequel. If anyone has any objections to this let them speak now or forever hold their peace.

A question and a request. If anyone has any suggestions for changes in process — how often we post scripture, approaches, etc., feel free to mention them now. And if anyone knows of any good links to sites with insight on scripture study, scripture study helps — or Acts in particular please let me know and I’ll post them in the sidebar.

And yes, it looks like Jeff has indeed joined the Baker Street Irregulars. A link to Jeff’s blog has been placed in the side bar for your perusal.


8 responses

  1. I don’t know if thede will be helpful, but …Here’s a link to a page at The New Testament Gateway … it has a list of links to books, articles and reviews of Luke and Acts … linkAnd here’s a page from Prof. Felix Just’s site on Acts – link

  2. The J.B.Philips translation of the N.T. is one of the first translations written in “modern English”, going back to 1962.Ellie and I were young in those days and pretty callow re the Bible. She seized on this translation because she found it so much easier to understand. Now, 44 years later she still sticks to it.It seems refreshing to me for people without much (or any) background for a first exposure to the text.It was nice to discover that CCEL has published it making it available to all of us. I heartily endorse it as a study aid.Of course Acts is probably about the easiest book in the N.T. to understand, at least the materialistic dimension. Another dimension may reveal itself to us as we became more versed in spiritual or metaphorical understandings.I’m excited about this study and look forward to it eagerly. Re timing of portions I suggest that everyone has a chance to comment, and discuss the text. When that ceases to happen, let’s move on.For portions the ‘pericopes’ may or may not be most appropriate at any point. Those of the Philips translation for example may be quite different from the NEB, or whatever.

  3. The Study helps Section thus far (and hidden down below the archives):Scripture Study Helps:New Testament Gateway: Luke & ActsFelix Just’s Notes on ActsWorld Wide Study Bible: ActsLarry’s Hypertext Bible CommentaryNotes on a Biblical Basis for the Peace TestimonyPeace Church Bible Study HomepageWeekly Scripture

  4. In the CCEL World Wide Study Bible: Acts I found a dead link link at the John Wesley section.Here are more appropriate links:his text and his notes.

  5. welcome, Jeff. Cool blog.

  6. Thanks Marjorie.How/when do we get started friends?

  7. Hi Jeff. Usually David or Larry post a section of the material and then we all post something about that. Not sure why we haven’t yet begun.

  8. ’cause the old kwakersaur’s a bit slow on the uptake these days.

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