our next project (recap of discussion thus far)

Most folks do not want a break. If a break a very short one.

Suggested topics (in order suggested):

  • something canonical – preferably NT;
  • Tobit;
  • One of the epistles;
  • Romans.

Additions? Comments? Preferences?


12 responses

  1. I would like to join the Blog after all. It is a bit frustrating to only be able to respond and not initiate comments.You can e mail through my blog profile.Jeff

  2. I would vote for number 1: “something canonical – preferably NT”. We have spent a lot of time outside the Bible proper. I understand that Tobit is considered by some as part of the Bible. I would suggest leaving that as a later option– after we’ve gotten back to something that all agree is the ‘Bible’.

  3. I hope you guys don’t choose Romans..it is so weighty. Especially for a new boy like me. What about something like ‘James’? NT, canonical and an epistle!

  4. Sorry Jeff — James has been done.If yo’ve even heard of the epistle of James yer not that new. Galatians is a kind of mini-Romans. Mind work.I’ll send the invitory emial to you by end of week. I need to access my home computer — likely Tuesday — but maybe Wednesday.

  5. No preference – they are all new to me.I’m glad you’ve decided to join us, Jeff. Welcome aboard!~M

  6. Thanks for that. I’m not new to Scripture…hence my concern about Romans. But I’ll enjoy whatever is chosen.

  7. Welcome, Jeff :-)About Tobit – I’d not heard of it until it was mentioned, but I haven’t read too much of the OT. It is in my version of the Bible (in the OT) … is it not in the Protestant version?What about Acts? I’m guessing you guys don’t want to do another Mark, Matthew or Luke?

  8. I guess if Romans is too heavy Revelations is out of the question. (just kidding)

  9. While initially resistant to Romans — the notion is growing on me. My resistance is I think similar to Jeff’s — it is giganormous and despite the fact its usually the first book foisted on new Chrsitians by the evangelical movement(s) — it ain’t exacty beginner’s fare. But we aren’t beginners either.Alternative suggestion: I Thessalonians. Short(er). And according to most biblical scholars the first of Paul’s epsitles and the oldest book in the Christian scriptures (NT).

  10. I will gladly support Acts or 1st Thess.

  11. I mention Acts again, if only to save us from more “talking head” stuff 🙂

  12. I think Acts would be excellent. I love the stories and the themes of community, mission, conflict and reconciliation and the emergence of Paul as a major player etc…. It seems that I am a member now. Thanks for welcoming me in everyone.

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