Need more guidance

It appears that we have now looked at the 65 sayings that seem to be quite dissimilar to those in the other four gospels. This may be a good stopping point for Thomas. Or do you want to go on looking at the other 49?


5 responses

  1. Perhaps the lack of interest by the other study members suggests that either the scripture or the format is not engaging… I’d sure like to hear from these silent members to get a sense of direction that would appeal to the most participants here.

  2. I’m sorry I’ve been MIA. I’ve been cruising by over the last week or so to try and catch up. Think I’m up to date now. I feel fine with whatever y’all decide. Hmm, that isn’t much help, is it? Okay. I have a thing about finishing what I start. I don’t do too well, but always strive to complete a thing. We are over half way there, are we not? Larry – you have been a darliing to do this arranging for us. I wouldn’t be adverse to finishing up the rest of the sayings in Thomas.

  3. I’ll do whatever you guys choose to do :-), but if I had my drutgers, I’d pick something from the NT canon.

  4. Sorry I’ve been haphazard on this lately. Most of what was sapping my energy is gone now (one more class tomorrow and I basically go in to see my grade and sip egg nog). But the great yawning maw we call Christmastide looms on the horizon. I guess I’m saying I’d be okay with a siesta until January. But I’ll join with the gang on what ever the collective wisdom is.

  5. meredith, about your earlier question about people in danger for religious work, here’s a link to a wikipedia article on Jean Donovan … she’s a good example … link

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