Another Gathering

I have a feeling that some have developed some
resistance to Thomas. That suggests two
additional options:

At this point we could go ‘Back to the Bible’,
as they say.

Or we could look at some of the Sayings that more
closely resemble the ‘four gospels’.

I await some input on those suggestions.


4 responses

  1. if yer thinking me — i’m just REAL low energy/time right now. you might notice most of the postings on my own blog are just links to other folks lately.

  2. I’m comfortable continuing Thomas. The dialogue thus far really fascinates me. I’d even like to hear what others are saying, such as the Gainsville group. If there is resistance, perhaps there is room in this dialogue for that, too.

  3. I’m ok with continuing Thomas. I’m reading an interesting book now – The Gospel of Mary of Magdala by Karen King – which has a lot of info on gnosticism. My only problem – I’m not sure which sayings we’ve already commented on and which ones are still to be read.

  4. I’m not sure about that either, Crystal, but I will continue to put up some sayings for our consideration and try to pursue a process to bring a more or lesss complete view.Meredith, the meeting at Gainesville yesterday was fantastic: a small group, but IMO that’s the best kind. Everybody took in everything that was said and had their own points to make. After two hours people had to leave (reluctantly) for other commitments.Anyway they made Ellie and me feel like ‘superlative teachers’ Hugging for all. I might try to report further on that meeting on my blog.Thanks for all the comments. We will continue.

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