Making Two One

(23) Jesus said: I shall choose you, one out of a
thousand, and two out of ten thousand, and they
shall stand as a single one.

Matthew 22:14
For many are called, but few are chosen.

God calls everyone unto the One; how many choose the Way?
Not very many, but they are the ones chosen. The ones
chosen stand as a single one. Jung called it
individuation; our duality is transcended. Then mountains
are moved.

Of course this doesn't mean we become one like the North
Koreans or like the people in 1984. Our diversity is rather
enhanced, but it's transcended by our unity.

"We are one in the spirit, we are...." (a favorite song)

8 responses

  1. Yes. Oh, yes. And how I long to see this manifested among believers and seekers. Diversity enhanced, but transcended by our unity.

  2. a beautiful post, a beautiful vision.

  3. What is it to “choose” in religious terms? I’ve been thinking of doing a post on this, because I see it as a word that resonates with many people, but I feel I don’t understand it.As just a quick example, most people belonging to X religion were raised in it – not converts. So at the least, our choice of religions belief is far from free or occuring in a vacuum…

  4. You’re certainly right, Paul,that a choice to choose the ‘religion you were raised in’, is not a choice, but a refusal to choose (with the critical faculty to comes to us in adolescence).A choice is a reasoned (and emotional) commitment to the vision that puberty will bring (as we allow ourselves adult visions). Of course many of us make many commitments (like the alki who quit a thousand times). But to be chosen means to remain commited to the light that you’ve been given (until new and better light is given). Well I tried. You asked a good question.

  5. I was a convert, so I guess I “chose” but really, all the little bits of experience and programming that go into a choice make you wonder how “free” any choice ever is.

  6. Don’t know about the rest of you but I came kicking and screaming. When I “chose” faith — the spirit had been pounding on the door for — at least weeks if not months before. So I didn’t choose — I got chosen.

  7. I think about how few… and hear the wanton heart of the One breaking because so many were called… So many called, yet so few chosen… So many found wanting, yet so few longing in kind…So few longing to hear the words from his lips, understaning his life poured out a love offering–submission and trust, laid down unto and in partnership with his father. A wanton heart, a longing heart because He’s still waiting… Waiting and aching for a Bride that he will have… that he’s promised… that he and his father have sent the bride price for, having laid down on that altar so long ago… now waiting for the trusted servant to bring home into his father’s land and into his mother’s tent so as to become One flesh.Will we, the bride, as we approach on our long journey spend the time longing for him, asking this trusted servant all about this man to whom we’ve been bethrothed and jealous because he has such an intimate knowledge of our Groom that only comes from one on one encounter?Will we, as we look out in the distance and see One walking out on the hillside, hope beyond hope, that this is… Could this be him?Will we be so excited when we see him in the distance… Measure his stature to the detailed stories and know that it’s him… jump off our camel… and say who is it? Is that him??? It is Him!!! Or, another picture… Will we hear his voice, and longing for him, cry out “It’s the Lord”, tear off our shirt and jump in the deep, swimming to get to him first?So few chosen… Will we be a bride like Rebekah? One found worthy of his master… one that will live our lives serving gladly… one that will leave all willingly, without delay, never to return? So many called… Or will we be like one that will not go… that will not follow… that the servant when he finds none is released from his oath? Will he take his bride unto himself, make her his wife, and be comforted?

  8. Hello Brian. And welcome. Thanks for sharing. When you browse the offerings of our regulars I think you’ll find people sahring where they find themselves on their walks into Truth. Feel free to do that if you’re so moved.

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