Becoming One

I don’t know if it is because I’ve been steeped in thought about a personal recovery of the feminine in God, but these sayings seem especially insightful to our condition.

Jesus spoke of the need to make the two into One. We know there is no male or female in Christ, yet there are so many ways this is negated in our culture. The feminine, especially, seems to be undervalued, dismissed and diminished often times. But it would seem a better way would be to find a balance and to integrate both the masculine and feminine in both ourselves and our concept of God. This is a personal aside, however. Leaving the fullness of God’s nature behind, I feel that Jesus is here shining the light on the many ways we become splintered and fractured into the many when we should be the One. I’ve noticed this in the mystical element of other spiritual traditions. There is a calling into notice the falseness of duality with an invitation to integration and wholeness.

When we accept what is in our lives, without aversion or attraction, we can enter into a place of rest and receptivity. In like manner, when we enter into the hard work of uncovering who we are and accepting ourselves completely – the good, the bad, the high and low elements alike, we become less divided and more whole.

I think that is what Christ is pointing to here. Not a lifting of one over another or a denial of diversity, but an inclusiveness, an embracing of the miracle of who we are, each of us. Full of both feminine and masculine characteristics, brimming over with complexities we only partly comprehend, awash in earthy passions and heavenly longings. This bringing together into union all of the many dualities within our own souls is a mirror of the bringing together of complex peoples into the Body of Christ…and that itself is a glorious foretaste of the Union of the created with the Uncreated. Being hidden with Christ in God. Being One with the One who holds us all in Being.


2 responses

  1. This is so beautifully written, Twyla.”This bringing together into union all of the many dualities within our own souls is a mirror of the bringing together of complex peoples into the Body of Christ…” This is an embrace of who we are.Thank you for this gift, Twyla.

  2. Right on, Kwyla. Note that this wasn’t just Thomas talking. John says much the same thing in chapter 17, where Jesus prayed that we might become one, as he and the Father are one.Thomas talked directly about this goal, while the synoptics talked more about the activity (of love and healing) that serves to bring about the oneness or wholeness.

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