Thomas (and an apology)

Sorry for my apparent absence. Its been a hairy week — but one which has been fruitful. I have begun two evening classes this week — actually one started last week — and the one that started last week is actually in another city. I commute Thursday evenings — get home after 11PM and my alarm goes off at 10 to 5 the next morning. The workload — especially the paperwork part seems to be escalating at work. And my wife finally found a job — she started this week — it is looking very good — but it is throwing the routines around the place a bit off — like bedtimes and who gets in the shower first and such.

I have been reading folks postings — but not from home — from work –w when I should be doing other things.

For the most part I have enjoyed reading what folks had to say more than Thomas himself. Part of this is my energy levels — its simply easier to listen to friends talk amongst themselves then to read ancient scriptures of a long dead community when yer living butter tarts coffee and 5 hours of sleep.

The fact is I rely heavily on two reading strategies — my (hopefully) spirit-led intuitive sense of things and the narrative flow. They are related. Narrative flow triggers a niggle in the intuitive faculties.

Well. No narrative. Not even a vestigial narrative to get my hooks into. And of course — intuition really starts from healthful place as well.

So. My first impressions of the passages under consideration is — gaak! Followed shortly thereafter by eh? and er? and um.

My battle plan is to sleep in tomorrow and try again. If you have found my uncharacteristic lack of voice disturbing — I apologize. I’ve nearly fallen asleep on the commuter train trying to read a college textbook. And they don’t have much narrative flow either.


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