Housekeeping (Gospel of Thomas) II

We have agreed to Thomas but not to process.

I’m going to suggest one. Larry has — I think — agreed to postings. So if Larry posts a batch of sayings once a week then we can each choose from that batch the one’s to respond to. As Larry says, the sayings are a bit disjointed compared to John — sort of like the book of Proverbs — you never know what’s coming next. So commenting on the whole batches shouldn’t be expected.

I’ll try to get the links up this weekend.

I’m realizing that not allowing anonymous postings isn’t stopping the spam — though it has gotten rid of the more offensive ones. I’ll keep monitoring and we can move to word verification if it gets uncomfortable.

Another option is I can grant administrator rights to some of you and so others can play nuke to spammer.


7 responses

  1. yup i think thats a good idea! tnx!

  2. I’ll be happy to do this, David, with the approval of the others. Let me know when to proceed.

  3. I think whenever you’re ready Larry. We have agreement in principle — not quite sense of the meeting — but i think it will do.

  4. Hello eden:Are you new here? If so welcome to our little scripture study. If your not new — sorry i missed you and welcome anyway!

  5. It all sounds good, David. Thanks, Larry, for agreeing to post the sayings. Nuke the spammer … I’ve been looking for a new computer game šŸ™‚

  6. Ready when you are!

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