We’re getting spammed — some of the stuff is just inconvenient. Some is down-right offensive. I mean seriously — internet gambling ads posted to a bible study?

It has been suggested (thanks Meredith) that we go to word verification for posting comments. What this means is that you would be shown something like this:

And be asked to copy the letters into a blank field before you could post a comment. It will slow the commenting process down slightly but will mean that until automated spam bots figure out how to read this stuff — anyone who wants to sell us viagra or internet poker passes will have to actually go to our blog and manually post their comment.

If anyone has a better solution speak now. If anyone has an issue with this plan let me know. It’s your scripture study and I’m just the lowly blog-servant.


9 responses

  1. Word verification is so simple and it is really worth it to not be getting emails such as the one above.

  2. Sometimes I can’t read those psychedelic words … if I never post again, you’ll know why 🙂

  3. Hiya Crystal:You were one person I was concerned about. I don’t know how bad the sight impairment is but I figured those weird letters may be a problem.Yer stuck with them on my kwakersaur blog until further notice. But you also have my email and I can post it for you if you want.

  4. Hee hee! I find these spam messages kind of entertaining … at least we aren’t getting ones about enlarging our body parts :-)Don’t worry about me – I’ve learned that if I get the special word wrong, they keep giving me another chance until I finally find one I can see ok.

  5. 2 more bite the dust — wireless communications and on-line bingo. To quote a famous person — at elat they aren’t offering to enlarge our body parts.

  6. I think you’re on the right track, David.

  7. I appologize for not realizing this solution might not work for everyone. I would let Crystal give the final vote. I want Crystal, a valuable and integral part of this study, to be able to continue to comfortably participate.

  8. Thanks Meredith … it’s ok … I can usually figure it out with magnification the first time, and if not, they keep giving me new words to choose from. I think we should go ahead with David’s plan.

  9. I have attempted a half measure. I have amnde anonymous comments impossible. So people will need to register on blogspot before they can post.This amy cause anotehr incopnvenience if you are trying to post comments form other than your usual computer. We’ll watch it for a while and see what happens. My objective is to make this place as inclusive as possible. If there’s an issue I need to know about it.

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