Housekeeping (Gospel of Thomas)

The collective wisdom seems to support the non-canonical Gospel of Thomas as our next project. I’m open to this. But I do have some questions about process.

Gospel of Thomas runs to 114 sayings. I’m really not up for another long study. So my suggestion is posting somewhere between 10 and 15 sayings a week. How does this work for folks? An alternative would be that someone (like not me) who feels they have a handle on Thomas posts different sayings with no real intention on covering the whole thing. I prefer dealing with the thing in its entirety but I’ll go with majority opine.

I have heard it said Larry has the gospel already posted on his hyperbible. If that is the case maybe he would like to take on posting the text duties — I would have to raid somebody’s website to post them myself anyway — or transcribe it — my copy of Thomas is ink on paper.

If anyone has any good Thomas links I’ll post them in the sidebar — please suggest links as a comment to this posting.

Thanks for the input. We’re down to the last two postings for John. I posted one just now. The next will be Monday or Tuesday. If I don’t see you folks before then — happy Labour Day weekend.


6 responses

  1. Sounds good to me, and I was thinking of doing something with the gospel of Thomas too. I don’t know what the problem with Amazon is, they’re ususually so efficient, but I’ve been waiting for my copy for five weeks. Haven’t read this yet…

  2. How exciting! I’ve only glanced at this text and look forward to having a chance to read it thoroughly. I’ve seen a couple of versions. Jon at The Wild Things of God recommends this version:

  3. Oops, I also meant to mention that I have a link on my blog that goes to a version of Thomas that seems to be a little different from the one on Larry’s site.

  4. Here is a page of Thomas links from the NT Gateway (Mark Goodacre) … lonl

  5. There’s no particular order in Thomas as far as people can determine. Our group at the Gainesville Meeting divided the sayings into those most independent of the other gospel sources and those that did have obvious parallels in the synoptics.(Jean-Yves Leloup with his translation provides references in about every saying to the synoptics, but some are much more distant than others.)I would be agreeable to posting the sayings as we decide on them, and ten or a dozen at a time seems a good way to go. An additional possibility could be to ask each member of the group to work specifically on certain of the sayings and report their finding. Thomas will give you a very different flavor of the sayings (and identity) of Jesus than the canonical gospels do.

  6. An additional possibility could be to ask each member of the group to work specifically on certain of the sayings and report their finding.I like this idea. Could Larry divy up Thomas and as it were give us each hoe work asignments so this might work?I’ll be posting the alst John pasage tomorrow afternoon. Just got home and as exhausted as I am there’s nothing in the fridge and its a stat holiday so I’ll be down at the local — hopefully air conditioned restaurant this evening.

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