Membership Request

We have a request to join our group from Twyla. She sorta snuck up on me while I wasn’t looking. I’m sure you folks have heard form her more than I have.

I’m happy to add Twyla to the list. But I want guidance from the rest of you before I leap into cyber-action.

Another consideration is group size. At what point does our cadre get too big to be useful? Don’t think we’re there yet. But something we might want also to consider.


4 responses

  1. I say yes. Twyla has a lot to offer this group. Besides that we have quite a few inactives.

  2. Welcome, Twyla :-). The more, the merrier.

  3. Twyla would be a wonderful addition to this study. Her comments have been insightful and definitely add another dimension to our dialogue. I am delighted!

  4. ahh…based on Larry’s comment I’m not the only AWOL?

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