I made the long trek over rugged mountains to consult with the Wizards of Geek. I have been advised to bring my ailing computer in for them to perform whatever arcane rites computer type wizards perform in their dark palaces. I am told these rituals involve vacuuming dust bunnies and feeding RAMs. I secretly believe they will spend five days of fasting and incantations whispered in dead languages.

In any event I will be without benefit of a computer for five (5) business days. You are unlikely to hear from me before next Friday.

We near the end of the gospel of John. It may be useful for folks to consider where we are with this project. Do we lay it down? Do we continue with another book? Do something else?

I personally found John VERY long and if we do something else I would prefers something shorter. But I’m open to being persuaded. There have also been a few folks who were more active in the past and feel less engaged now. If this is because this doesn’t met their needs well and good. But if there is something we can do to make this place more welcoming or inclusive of their points of view I would appreciate hearing that too.

I feel the best Bible studies build a community together — which I think has happened. But I also fear we have become too intellectual. This feeds something in me. But maybe not what the spirit wants feeding. But I’m also not sure whether that is a valid concern and if it is how to address that.

I guess what I’m saying is — the end of this gospel is an opportunity for us to grow into something else if that’s what we want. We can share what is important to each other hear to preserve it and also share what we would like to see different and try to make that happen.

No especial need to address this now. I’ll raise this concern again when we’re done with John. Just thought it might be could to start the pot simmering.


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  1. I need one of those good witches of the north – I think that’s what it was, in Oz – when I’m at the computer. I would’t have to keep calling my Web designer sister…Thanks for your comment, I’ve got you bookmarked —

  2. Hi Paul … why aren’t you napping? :-).

  3. Hi David. Good luck with your computer. I’m open to suggestion about what we do next … did you mention the gospel of Thomas a while ago?

  4. Thank yoy Larry for your very kind comment on my blog. This is my very first time here and I think I come by more oftenRenee

  5. Hi, David-William,I’m glad that you ask the question. Honestly, when I first said yes I thought I’d be much more consistent, faithful to the enterprise. But, I haven’t. My apologies.I’m unclear as to whether I should continue, with what little I’ve done. A shorter book might be helpful, but I’m not sure.I’ve noticed that only two or three of us post regularly so I’d be interested to know if people are still wanting to do this. I like the idea and reading what folks have said, but actually posting has been another matter (for me, at least).Thanks for your questions and good luck with the PC issues. Been there, will do it again, I’m sure! 🙂

  6. I’m also interested in the gospel of Thomas. I read about this in Jon’s blog: it has piqued my interest. Jon recommends “The Gospel of Thomas; the Gnostic Wisdom of Jesus” by Jean-Yves LeLoup, and Darrel also recomends a book on the Gospel of Thomas by Stevan Davies, though he said they were both very good. Joe, I have really appreciated your posts here, however frequent or not, and sincerely hope you’ll continue. I enjoy reading a variety of views, and new energy is energizing to all of us. So if there are others out there interested, I’m hoping you’ll jump on board! Good luck on your computer, David. I went through this just recently also – hence a quiet period for me. Actually sometimes a break is a very good thing!

  7. How about the Psalms? There are a lot of them, but many are short and you can jump around if you like, and move on to something else if you get tired.I can’t resist sharing one of my favorite pieces of doggeral:King David and King Solomon lived merry, merry lives,With many, many lady friends and many, many wives.But when old age came upon them with its many, many qualms,King Solomon wrote the Proverbs, and King David wrote the Psalms.

  8. Gospel of Thomas.I have found interesting things in Thomas. I would welcome reading it with you folks. I have some qualms.Firstly it is not canonical. It isn’t Christian scripture so I want to be sure everybody involved in comfortable with that. This thing started out as a bible study after all.Secondly, there are a number of folks out there convinced that it is a deeper spirituality than the canonical scriptures. I personally don’t buy that. It is certainly a different spirituality in places. In others it shares with the canonicals. I expect to learn from Thomas and your reflections on it — and to maybe hear God in a different way. But I will be bringing a more skeptical eye to thomas than I might to the Bible.

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