Jesus’ Burial / C

main point
I see this section being about the secret disciples who come out of the woodwork at Jesus’ death.

new light
I had not remembered that Joseph went to ask Pilate for J’s body. This would have been odd as he was a member of the group who wanted Jesus dead and as he wasn’t a member of Jesus’ family. And to reveal himself, even now, as a disciple of Jesus was probably against his interest. Why did he do it? Not because he knows Jesus will be resurrected and wants to be a part of that … he must think, at this time, that Jesus is as dead as a door nail. Perhaps it is remorse for not having declared himself a disciple earlier?

Also I didn’t remember that Nicodemus had bought tons of spices, the amount I’ve read that is more normal for annointing dead royalty than a common man, and that the tomb was new and had no other inhabitants – the tomb of a wealthy man.

These two men of stature, who had cared enough about their reputations earlier to hide their disciple-nes, now treat like a king the man that had died like a criminal.

If I had been one of the gospel writers, I think I would have said of these two secret disciples that they were a day late and a dollar short. But John describes Joseph as – a good and upright man

This situation reminds me of the parable of the landowner who hires laborers at different times during the day to work in the vineyards. Though some do a whole day’s work and others only a few hours worth, all are paid the same wage. Joseph and Nicodemus are like the workers hired at the end of the day. Maybe if God’s love for us is indeed unconditional, the expression “too little, too late” has no meaning for him 🙂


3 responses

  1. Our memories play tricks. I remembered Joseph but forgot Nicodemus.The royalty connection hadn’t occurred to me. But woudl amke sense in context. So these two folks became convinced Jesus was messiah — but didn’t expect the resurrection. Maybe theyr wre terrified of what God might do to Israel for killing his chosen one. The roayl burial maybe was a kind of penance.

  2. David said … Maybe theyr wre terrified of what God might do to Israel for killing his chosen one. The roayl burial maybe was a kind of penance.Yes, it’s strange – the more I think about all this stuff and the more real it becomes to me, the less I seem to “know” about it … people get more complex, motivations become unclear … it’s kind of disconcerting.

  3. Crystal, I understand your feeling; going at this the way a detective might is not apt to reveal very much. But the detective doesn’t have anything but material referrents; the spiritual is foreign to him.To perceive the scripture as poetry reveals a lot more. As I see it, God is speaking here to each of us (according to our condition). And when we go to it prayerfully, we will get the message that he (she) has for us as individuals. The idea of being terrified is a good one. Aren’t you terrified at what we as a nation can expect for our recent misdoings? Maybe all we can do it to try to bury Jesus honorably.

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