18:28-19:16 (L)

I’m glad David put this all in one post. It’s not something that I like to dwell on very long, although I understand that some good Christian folk meditate to a great extent on it.

For me the story is like the famine report in today’s news, the killings in Iraq and other places, even the afternoon traffic death report on the local news.

These are things I don’t allow myself to focus on; the world is dreary enough without my close attention. Not a Christian attitude perhaps, but, I believe, a very prevalent one among relgious people in general. A great man was cruelly murdered; so what else is new? At this point I join “the world”. Pray for me.


3 responses

  1. David is following the paragraph headings in the NRSV. So he is following through on a promise. It seems to me this passage is not about a great man getting murdered. It is setting up the resurrection. Like the old song says — can’t have one without the other.For me the passsages of scripture I don’t like are the ones I need to dwell on — the one’s I like and make me feel good — I’ve alraedy sucked teh amrrow out of.

  2. Hi Larry :-). You said … A great man was cruelly murdered; so what else is new?… but if we get snaguine about such injustices, how will we muster the outrage needed to make sure thay don’t happen again?

  3. Crystal, I’m not sanguine about it; I’m tired, tired, tired. For me the answer to your question is to do what I can for you and whoever else I encounter and not agonize over the death of Jesus and all of the rest of those who have followed him too closely.

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