Betrayal – John 18:1-11

main point
a few points … that the romans (soldiers) were involved in Jesus’ arrest … that Jesus is God (my version has him saying “I AM” instead of “I am he”) … that though Jesus was betrayed, he went willingly.

new light
I hadn’t remembered that Jesus said “I AM” or that this caused the soldiers to fall down.

the Jesus in this passage does seem like the Jesus I’ve come to know … brave, self-sacrificing, concerned about the welfare of others.

this reminds me that there are things more important than physical survival.

no problems, really … though the story-line is disturbing because Jesus’ friend betrayed him.


3 responses

  1. The whole thing is very disturbing to me, Crystel. For that reason I’ve pretty generally chosen to avoid what’s known as the ‘Passion’.

  2. Hi Larry – I understand. I’ve come to it with a different perspective becaue of that retreat I took. They emphasize the need to stick with the person you love (Jesus) through the bad thing that’s going to happen to him. Just another way of viewing it … vive le difference 🙂

  3. Crystal,I’m glad you offered your thoughts about the “I Am” comment and the soldiers falling down. I wasn’t quite sure what that meant (other than that Jesus’ presence was so awe-inspiring that they initially hesitated to grab him).

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