Lorcan Otway joins us. Welcome to our little group.

When Joe joined us I suggested we all post an intro — though I think we all know each other from our respective blogs and social networks.

Here’s mine:

My name is David and I have been blogging since November under the banner of the kwakersaur. This scripture study is a sort of communal spin off from my reflections on the letter of James that started on my blog. I wanted to open it up to the folks who were reading my comments more. The rest : c’est l’histoire.

I’m currently having a crisis of faith identification. I’m still feeling attached to my adopted faith of Quakerism but I’ve returned to my roots and am worshipping at a local United Church.

I’m married with two cats.


3 responses

  1. is this an ongoing Bible study and commentary, or an open forum for whatever? Or both?

  2. This is an ongoing bible study — communal. Members can post full blog postings Passersby are invited to post comments on members commentaries.We’re working our way through the gospel of John. we ddi James before that.You’re welcome to lurk and our post comments as you wish. Folks here are tending towards an allegorical reading of scripture (personally I prefer typlogy to allegory) especially in the eschatological bits.We’re more a reader response group than a study group per se. If yer comfy with multiple senses of scripture passages yrou probably fit in. But I for one haven’t used the term “End Times” in my conversations about my faith for a VERY long time — like measured in decades. We’ve been in the End Times for 2000 years now IMHO.

  3. P.S. If you’re interested in my doctrine of scripture I’ve been blogging on it here: kwakersaur starting with the June 21st entry.

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