The Friendly Bible Study Questions

These are the questions from the Spears’ Friendly Bible Study in case anyone wants to cut and paste them fro use in their own postings or in use in their own meditations prior to posting.

1. What is the author’s main point in this passage? (MAIN POINT)

2. What new light do I find in this particular reading of this passage of the text? (NEW LIGHT)

3. Is this passage true to my experience? (TRUTH)

4. What are the implications of this passage for my life? (IMPLICATIONS)

5. What problems do I have with this passage? (PROBLEMS)

The Spears also published a follow-up tract for studying Quaker Faith and Practice books and they use the questions but add one more (sandwiched between Truth and Experience):

How does this passage agree with or differ from the beliefs or practices of other religious groups in my experience? (OTHERS)

It may be a useful question to consider given the ecumenical character of this group. There is another website I’m involved with (retired from actually) where an ongoing thread is based upon certain people refusing to use the phrase Christian when referring to Catholics — even after they have been corrected.


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