New Member

Joe G. author and blogmeister at BeppeBlog has joined the ranks of the baker Street Irregulars.

Welcome Joe. We extend to you the freedom of the meeting to post both blog and comment. SOP here is for me david-william (aka kwakersaur) to post the passage under consideration about twice a week — generally Sunday and Wednesday. People post their responses as they feel moved — in full blog posting or in comments to postings and then we respond to each other’s responses.

I would suggest we all post personal bios at some point but another invite is pending and it might be well to wait on that.

And again — welcome and thank-you for joining us.

* * *

P.S. the pending invite is to Lorcan of Plain in the City. Until such time as Lorcan elects to join formally commenting on other’s postings are still possible. Only the option of posting a full blog posting is reserved for full membership.

This goes for any lurkers out there. You are certainly welcome to post comments to other’s postings or to the scripture passage. And if what you have to say is poignant enough I’m sure someone will use their blogging powers to elevate it to bloghood.


4 responses

  1. Welcome aboard, Joe 🙂

  2. Thank you for the warm introduction (david-william) and welcome (Crystal).I hope I can contribute something on an at least weekly basis!

  3. I also extend a warm welcome to you, Joe. It will be invigorating to have someone new to dialogue with.

  4. Welcome from me, as well. I’m floating around out there and will pop up in the comments now and then, but I’ve been feeling pretty quiet lately. Glad to have you here.

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