Holy Spirit

John’s words for the Holy Spirit seems to be Advocate and Spirit of Truth.

I like Spirit of Truth some how. Its different enough not have all those accretions hanging of it that Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost or Comforter seems to have.

This is new thinking for me. But what would it mean to to say Spirit of Truth instead of Holy Spirit when I talked about faith or Trinity or my spirituality? It seems to shift things. And it runs smack into Pilate’s question, What is truth?

And if the Spirit of Truth is also our Advocate — what might that mean? Or is the Spirit of Truth God’s Advocate to us?


2 responses

  1. The Spirit of Truth – yes. In this morning’s paper there was a column by Stacy Schiff with some pungent things to say about truth.Stacy pointed out how full of falsehood 21st century life is, especially the ‘truth’ emanating from the media. Friends, we are in the clutches of frauds who are carefully trying to make of us sheep- and nothing more. (When the head sheep walks over the cliff, all the rest of the sheep will go obediently after him.)In the face of this pernicious ‘truth’ God knows how we need the Spirit of Truth.

  2. When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truthIgnatius calls the holy spirit the “good” spirit and through discernment, you can follow the good spirit’s advice, which will always point you in the direction of god’s desire for you … perhaps “the truth” is god’s desire.

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