Now Here’s Something I had Never Noticed Before

If I had not done among them the works that no one else did, they would not have sin. But now they have seen and hated both me and my Father.

Okay. Until Jesus came and taught and performed miracles people had the excuse of not knowing what God’s will for them was. But now they have seen and still rejected God and his messenger. They now have sin.

Preaching and teaching condemns the ignorant as it lifts the ignorance and forces them to choose Light or Darkness.

Doesn’t this mean that ministry isn’t really doing anybody any favours?

Any other thoughts folks?

7 responses

  1. The good news was not about condemning anybody. I just don’t relate to the verse you’re discussing. I don’t believe it came from Jesus, but from a far lesser man.

  2. Hmm.I’m not ready to make that move just yet — though I hear the concern. While I agree its unlikely the historical Jesus spoke them in the context the gospel presents — I leave open the possibilioty that this is the word of the lord through some early Chrsitian prophet for teh situation they found themselves in.Chrsitian tradition hands this to me with instruction to hear it as God’s wisdom from the ancient times. I feel obligated to wrestle with the angels on thsi one — even if in the end I come to the same conclusion as you do.

  3. Kind of interesting … the section 15: 22-25 is not in the Catholic lectionary for Mass, as it’s one of the … Passages considered theological or pastorally difficult, esp. concerning “the Jews”

  4. I appreciate what you’ve said, David, and agree “that this is (or may be) the word of the lord through some early Chrsitian prophet for teh situation they found themselves in.” I guess what I object to is trying to apply it to my condition– and of course as usual I over-react. My wife finds that kind of excess emotion very oppressive.

  5. I find the excessive emotion to be rigorous, spurring others on to their best! But of course, I realize that my excess emotion has not led to any enlightenment for me and may, in fact, be blocking it.I don’t know what to believe — I’m not sure how trustworthy the Bible even is if its the product of centuries of political wrangling. Though I’ve fought it for a long time, I’m almost inclined to go with Larry and say that this verse just makes no sense coming from Jesus.But if I start throwing out a verse here and there what am I left with? Whats the point? It feels too ‘pick your own’. Then again, perhaps I can trust in the light and the spirit to direct me more than I can trust the machinations of religious leaders over the centuries.I’m no longer anxiety-ridded about this, I’m sort of amused by my conundrum.

  6. whoops! didn’t answer the question….has ministry ever done anyone any favors? 🙂

  7. Marjorie, I want to assure you that your comments are as enlightening and valuable to us as anybody else’s are.All the rest of us missed out on David’s question. I guess I must have a broader definition of ministry than many do: I feel that we’ve all been ministering to one another to the degree of sharing our valuable gifts and strengthening the faith of each one.

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