if yer interested there’s a weekly scripture blog. it has a 7 part series on verses in scripture pertaining to spiritual healing.

sorry i’ve been kinda off lately — i didn’t post a new passage today mostly to let folks get the stuff larry posted

i’ll post a pasage tomorrow sometime — likely evening

and a conversation with crystal — raises a question. everytime somebody posts here i get an email of the posting — doesn’t everyone here — or is it only me? and if its only me — why am i getting it — sorry just confused

marana tha

3 responses

  1. You already know I don’t get the email, but I think I once saw a place in the blog where you could check a box in order to be emailed the posts. Can’t remember where I saw it, though.

  2. I don’t get it, David.

  3. Right, I don’t get the email noification either. I think it is because David is the blog administrator, and we are not.

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