Dirty Feet / C

When I took that online retreat, we were to imagine oursleves as disciples and contemplate Jesus washing our feet at the last supper. It was really hard for me to let him do that! There was a sample prayer at the site that sort of expresses how I felt about it …

Please, Lord, not my feet! They are so smelly and dirty and my nails are ragged. I like to keep them hidden in my sandals, not exposed to anyone, especially you. But you are so gentle as you take my feet from where I have tucked them under my garment and wash them clean. The moment you bend deeply over my newly-washed feet and kiss them, I realize that the places where I can let you love me the most deeply are the places where I am embarrassed, the parts I want to hide from others, my weaknesses.


One response

  1. I think you have captured the heart of this passage.It was Peter — the one given the keys of the church/kingdom — who had the same reaction as you did.

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