Look into the heart

Jesus is inviting us to look straight into his heart, past his physcial form, past his personality and his earthly being, deep into the secret of what he truly is. When I look that deeply into the heart, I sense God, a living presence there. This is so difficult to describe, but this awareness is truly illuminating. Once this light is recognized , once one is awakened to it, a deep knowing occurs, and with it we cannot ‘remain in darkness’ because this light is so penetrating.

It seems to me that many, even those who identify themselves as Christians, do not truly recognize this divine presence, this inward light. There were years when I knew nothing about it, even though others tried to tell me. This is no cause for shame. Jesus clearly tells us that this is not to be judged, for each awakens on their own timeframe. Jesus also states that we measure these words based on the truth spoken on his ‘last day.’ If these words ring true, then it is because they were divinely inspired. And to be of the divine, is to be not of this earth and physical plane, but of an eternal truth.


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  1. A lovely word picture of our relationship to God.In one of Jesus’ many healings (Mark 8:22-25) we read about a blind man partly healed at Jesus’ first touch. He said “I see men as trees, walking”. Jesus touched him again and “he saw every man clearly”.Maybe some of us have to be touched again and again.The pentecostal experience mightbe thought of as a second touch– by which people’s consciousness is radically altered. But I’ve had the pentecostal experience, and, sad to say, I need more touches.Like the professors at N.O.Bapt.Theo.Sem. used to tell their students, “You have been saved; you are being saved, and you will be saved” (all biblical!), or “you must be born again, and again, and again”. As Meredith said here: “for each awakens on their own timeframe.”

  2. Hi Meredith. You said … “When I look that deeply into the heart, I sense God, a living presence there.”… I like that idea :-). It reminds me of a line from a Greard Manley Hopkins poem … Christ plays in ten thousand places, Lovely in limbs, and lovely in eyes not his To the Father through the features of men’s faces.

  3. That is a beautiful poem, Crystal. Thank you for sharing it – the truth in it resonates clearly with this passage.

  4. this awakening to me is the essence of unschooling. You cannot teach anyone unless and until they are ready. Often, they need not even be taught, they will learn themselves by finding the truth within.All things in God’s time might be another way to think of it.

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