I’m having some really weird issues with blogger recently — posts duplicating, comments disappearing then reappearing, pages loading forever. I don’t know if its me or if it blogger.

Anyone else having issues?

I was also wondering if we could have a roll call of folks who are still around. I know its not important everybody post on every passage but it nice to know whose out and about. Just post a hi — how are ya as a comment to this posting.

And if you are lurking and never post — feel free to check in too. We’d be glad to know you’re out there.

7 responses

  1. I had problems with Blogger commenting all day yesterday so not to worry. Blogger has it’s “moments”.

  2. Don’t worry, ole buddy. Beppe is right.

  3. I have been having problems- slow slow slow slow

  4. I have been having the same trouble with snail pace page loading and odd duplicating after “page unavailable” frustrations. You are not alone.I’d love to have more people participating in this discussion forum! Each person’s view and response is so unique, and this sharing is deepening, enriching us all.

  5. I’m constantly having problems with Blogger – I don’t know if it’s my browser or Blogger itself.

  6. Hi I’m here — sorry I haven’t been around much — spiritual ennui.Blogger always seems to give me troubles…

  7. I’m here! Don’t forget me!

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