Is it me or does it seem like folk’s energies are flagging?

I know I’m having trouble feeling inspired both here and in my blog these days. But I live in Canada and February is the season of the mid-winter blahs up here. How do you folks with a southern exposure feel?

I can keep posting the passages. I’m just hoping that the reflection part isn’t becoming more of an obligation than a joy for folks.


7 responses

  1. It’s cold in Florida, too, David. I do sometimes find it a burden to keep up with the study, and most of what I do is comments. But I am still gungho re what we’re doing. Maybe more infrequent passages would be creative.

  2. Is what we’re suffering properly called “blog blahs”?

  3. C-c-cold in Florida? Trying to disabuse me of my misapprehensions of something?

  4. It’s very nice here in central california – the fruit trees are now in bloom :-). I’m not feeling the blog blahs yet although I have the fiction writing blahs.

  5. I am loving the emergence of springtime in the Pacific Northwest – no feeling of boredom for me. With my work schedule, I am not always available to post in a timely fashion to the discussion, though I have tried to keep up.Maybe a little slower rate of posting would be better. Most of these passages are very rich, and I read them over multiple times, savoring the message, contemplating the words untill I have assimilated it in a way that makes sense to me. Sometimes I’m just not able to make sense of it. Probably I should offer up my confusion as well as my epiphanies. Anyway, I love the discussion, and want to keep going. I’d like it if new people would join… (hint to Rich in Brooklyn)

  6. I’m a big beliver in offering up our confusions and resistances in bible study. It’s clear to me that for John – confusing the heck out of his audience was a significant teaching strategy — over and over we hear that such and such a person (usually a Pharisee) didn’t get what Jesus was trying to say.A partial reason for this is likley — as mentioned by Larry in other places — that John was under attack by the Jewish establishment and this is leaking to the text. But another aspect is that for John — to truly understand matters of faith you need the guidance of the spirit. And taht is how he communicates this to us.

  7. Larry, cold in Florida? What, is it only 50 degrees F?Here in the DC area, its snowy, but we get lots of sun and spring is on its way.Yes, slowing down the scripture passages would help – I whined about that months ago:-).

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