Healing An Official’s Son — Marjorie

The faith of the official always humbles me with its simple purity. He wants Jesus to come to his son, but Jesus tells him to go, that his son is healed. He obeys Jesus. Does he believe that his son is healed? It seems so, because he does not ask again. Do I have such a simple faith? Would I believe? He says his son is healed — if he believes that Jesus can heal, he should believe whatever Jesus says, and he does.

Upon hearing the report of his son’s recovery, he asks when it began. From this answer, he knows it was when Jesus said those words to him. This is sort of heartening to me, he does seek confirmation that this was Jesus’s act by asking when the healing took place. Once hearing this, he believes. I hope my faith is like that — I may need a bit of reassurance, but once given, I hope that I don’t continue to question or look for other reasons.


One response

  1. Marjorie: I think it’s very worth while to ask God with care. There’s a story early in Acts about how they picked a successor to Judas and offered two names to God; he supposedly chose one. I knew a saintly old woman once, actually her name was Marjorie, too. She was so close to God she wouldn’t even go to the bathroom without checking with him about it.

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