Marjorie on John 1:1-5

These verses convey one main thought to me and that is HOPE. Jesus was there from the beginning, there is a plan. I may never know or understand the plan but its okay, Jesus was there from the beginning and not a thing was made that was not made through him.

I prefer the NRSV saying that the darkness did not ‘overcome’ the light as opposed to simply not understanding or comprehending it. Its important to me that light overcomes darkness, that good triumphs over evil. I’ve casually read that some religions believe that God is beyond good and evil. Perhaps thats frightening to me because I really can’t comprehend it. I would no longer say thats wrong, I simply acknowledge that its not something I can believe in at this point, if ever.

I agree with the thought RW expressed in his post Something We Need to Remember, that the Word is Christ himself and not merely the words in the Bible and that its important to be careful in interpreting scripture especially where such interpretation would seem to contradict the teaching of Christ.


3 responses

  1. Marjorie: Unfortunately many passages of scripture seem to contradict what Jesus said, at least in the eyes of many people. But when I look at them metaphorically (poetically), I don’t think the apparent contradiction really matters. Whitman said, “You say I contradict myself; very well I contradict myself.” The contradiction only comes when the reader does not fully grasp the writer’s intent. I believe God, Christ, the Bible may (at least seem to) vary considerably from one reader to another. For me the Bible is the Living Word, the words of God to each of us personally. If God is my father and your father, we need not expect him to say the same things to each of us. I say very different things to my three sons, responsive to their present condition as I understand it. God says different things to you and me, fully understanding our various conditions. (If I seem to contradict myself, just treat it as poetry.)(Poetry is the highest form of truth.)Blessings to all.

  2. I love that Whitman quote! Thanks for sharing it.

  3. I think the next line of that poem is:I am vast: I contain multitudes.I like it too. I think Whitman also said an obsession with consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.

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